Off Season Travel Saves You Big Time – learn when to look for cheap airfares, lodging etc.

Off season and shoulder season (the period straddling the high season)travel can provide big savings on airfares, accommodations, tours and other travel expenses.

Your goal is to use the low travel demand and the high supply of amenities to your advantage. All you have to do is be flexible with your travel time and your destination. Simply focus on not following the herd:

• Wherever the crowds aren’t is where you should go.

• Whenever the crowds aren’t is when you should go.

Advantages of Off-peak Travel

• Cheaper flights lodging etc.

• Fewer tourists at that time of year.

• Better opportunity to interact with the locals.

• Great travel opportunity for Seniors.

Disadvantages of Off-peak Travel

• Some destinations are always busy regardless of the time of year.

• Some sights may be closed or have limited operating hours.

• The weather may be poor.

• Fewer daylight hours.

• This may not be the best time to travel if you have children or if your job restricts your time off.

Tips for Planning Off-Peak Season Travel

1) Select you destination and check guidebooks for both high and low time. Any time except high time can be considered.

2) Review your destination for the operating hours of the various sights and activities. Make sure that your travel itinerary is flexible enough to handle any surprises like limited opening hours or inclement weather.

3) Purchase your airline ticket.

4) Let the season and weather conditions determine what you will pack.

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